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(R281) An SS/Army Skull Cap Badge being what is called the 1st pattern, similar to the one worn on the panzer tunics and worn by the early SS on their kepi's and peak caps. The badge is in very nice condition and has two nice brass pins soldered to the reverse of the nice tombak silver plated skull. One of the nicest seen in a long time. SORRY I AM SOLD 13/12/17

(S17) A Nice example of a scarcely encountered Sardinia Shield. The shield is of stamped metal and has all the usual features associated with the originals. Becoming very hard to find. Most seen now are reproduction. SORRY I AM SOLD

(GE2) We are pleased to announce we have come back into stock a badge we sold over ten years ago which stirred up much interest at the time, being A Spanish Tank Badge. Here is the original write up (F721) A silver Tank Battle Badge for the Condor Legion. The badge was recently purchased direct from a veteran who wore it during WWII and as a result, the badge shows wear and tear. The design follows that of the 1st pattern style and the bade is in over all nice condition. Very scarce to find. SORRY I AM SOLD 27.7.18

(N980) A Very Rare and seldom encountered German Saar Ring. The ring is in its original manucturer's Presentation Box in dark blue with the manufacturer's name of Fritz Mannheim Kaiserslautern in silver. The box is opened like a matchbox and has a blue flocking base. On the ring, it has Saardant 1935. On the inside, it also has Reichskommissar with a facsimile of his signature. Whether this is to rival the SS Honour Ring, I don't know. Also with this, comes the original presentation document which has the addition of being very nicely filled out. Dated for 1/3/35, the reverse has the issue date of 8/10/1935 stamped in red to it. A very rare set only ever seen once before. I Sent some pictures to David Littlejohn many years ago to use and he sent me a card back thanking me . SORRY I AM SOLD on 4.3.19 for
(V867) An Absolutey Stunning, Mint example of a German Battle Flag. The flag has never been flown. It was a souvenir pickup at the end of the war. The flag is the very popular size of around 80 cm by 135 cm. The halyard on this example is marked with CR.FL.80x135 and it also has the maker's name of Lorenz Summa Sohne Oberkolzau in black ink stamped in. I have never seen a better example, in nearly 40 years. SOLD ON 18.9.23

(V261) A Very Rare Early to find German Knight's Cross Grouping : Consisting of a Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross, an Iron Cross 1st Class for 1914, a Silver Wound Badge, a Black Wound Badge, a Bar to the Iron Cross 2nd Class, a Bar to the Iron Cross 1st Class, an Infantry Assault Badge, a Narvik Shield on cloth background, a 4 Year Army Long Service Award, a Pair of Officer's Eppaulettes to a member of the 139 Mountain Trroop Regiment and a Wehrpass to the original holder of said grouping. All in all, this is a nice and unusual and extremely Rare Early collection to one of the first Knight's Cross holders to be awarded the said highly esteemed decoration. SOLD ON 30.7.22

(V2058) A German Hitler Youth Day Badge being triangular in shape with the central design of the HJ diamond flanked by the wording "Schlageter Gedenktag Hitler Jugend Bann Sud Holstein" and commemorating when he was killed being 26.5.23. This is an early Hitler Youth badge to commemorate the death of the German martyr Schlageter. Very scarce to find and in superb condition. SOLD ON 19.4.23

(T664) A Very rare find being a Cased Auxillary Cruiser Badge.The badge is a heavy quality tombak example that still retains its frosted and burnished finish, as can be seen from the scan.The badge is contained in a little blue card box and still has the tissue paper intact also. The case is unmarked and in very good condition. The badge cannot be beaten for quality or condition and will be the star of any collection. It is considered to be an unmarked Juncker. These Early quality badges just keep rising in value.

(V1056) A Rare pair of Imperial Fascist League 3rd Pattern Membership Badges. The membership badge has the lion to the top and is a circular badge with a union jack as the background with a smaller white circle and blue swastika. To date, I have only ever had 2 in 35 years. Both have had the blue swastika. This example has a nice pin, hinge and hook fitting to the back. It is unmarked. With it, comes a similar circular badge with a blue edge, white background and red enamel swastika. This is reported to be the Supporter's Badge of the IFL and again is unmarked. This one also has a nice working pin, hinge and hook fixing. With these come two Posters, one showing the membership badge being worn, the other showing the British swastika armband being worn. Both were originally in my personal collection and used in the British Fascist Regalia book. The IFL badge was originally mine and one I purchased back. This is the only set I have ever seen and these are the only posters I am aware of. This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire these ultra rare items, that will probably never come up again. More rare than the NSDAP party badges, there were fewer than 200 members, according to reference books at the time. SOLD ON 20.4.22

(CS1390) A nice Original wartime Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. This is the type manufactured by the firm of Steinhauer and Luck. The cross is the magnetic centered type and it is silver marked 935 and maker stamped "4" upside down whereas the silvered suspender loop is just "935" marked. It has all the usual features associated with this maker, being nicely soldered up with the eye loop correctly drilled out though it is slightly twisted possibly through wear. The cross weighs approximately 28 grammes and measures approximately 54.45 mm by 48.22 mm wide. The cross has nice clear crisp dates and a nice sharp swastika which is the same height as the beaded edge. There is some minor tarnish to the silver frame of the cross as well as a few paint chips to the iron core. The cross comes with a piece of original wartime ribbon being approximately 35 cm long and this is folded and good condition . All in all, a very nice cross. SORRY I AM SOLD (UK Pounds)

(CS976) A Cholm Arm Shield. This is a Nice clean example manufactured from a magnetic metal. The shield is the army version that appears to have been unworn and unused. The shield still retains much of its original lacquer although it is peeled on some of the high spots. The green backing cloth is nice and clean and has no mothing, although the nap of the cloth is a little thread bare. For an item over 70 odd years, that is very minor. The shield is then fixed through a magnetic backing plate by three prongs that are then folded over, and a secondary piece of cloth has been stuck over this. This is one of the best examples we have had in a long time. As fewer than 6,000 were issued, though more were given, it rates on the rareity with the German Cross in gold, in my opinion. SORRY I AM SOLD 24.3.21

(CS1674) A Superb Museum quality German Awake Standard Flag Cloth Banner. The banner is constructed in the original manner, with each letter hand stitched and edged in black thread onto a silk red cloth, edged with white, black and red wool tassels. To the centre, is a white circle edged in silver braid, with a black swastika also edged in silver. To the front, there are the words Deutschland Erwache and to the reverse, there is the same configuration, but now the words are Na. Soz. Deutschearbeiterpartie and to the base, Sturmabteilung. Again, all this is hand stitched and edged in black. To the top of the banner, there is the red protector that was there to protect it being rubbed on the original stnadard. It is mounted onto a pole and has the tassels also. Visually, this is a very close to the original example. The only major difference to this and the original is that the circular roundel is paper backed, so that the stitching could be laid well. With originals costing well over 25,000, the price of this is an absolute steal, looking so much like an original, for a fraction of the price. SORRY I AM SOLD 13.8.20

(CS1157) A Nice example of a German Army Para Badge being the 1943 type. The badge has a nice two toned appearance, with a silver eagle on a dark wreath. To the reverse, you have a nice hinge, pin and hook fitting that is workable and the badge is affixed by two domed rivets. The badge is a textbook example and is the type ascribed to the firm of FLL though the badges are unmarked. Very good condition and a scarce badge to acquire. SORRY I AM SOLD

(CS1492) A Mini Prizen Iron Cross 1st class for 1939 by the famous Berlin maker C. E. JUNCKER and stamped L/12 to the centre of the cross. The cross has the same frame attributes as it's larger sized counterpart and the cross is of superb quality and condition. It is one of only 3 that I know of. A very rare item to acquire Not often seen and far rarer than a Knights Cross of the Iron Cross. SORRY I AM SOLD 3.8.20

(CS1600) A Superb example of the seldom encountered 2nd Pattern SS Totenkopf Cap Badge. The badge is of die cast tombak with a silver finish applied. This is in superb condition . The reverse of the badge has both its prongs affixed into the reverse of the metal of the badge. The badge is also maker marked RZM 499/41. Nice crisp striking. This is a textbook example of the 499 type. The badge was purchased in a local auction from the estate of an ex British Serviceman SORRY I AM SOLD 7.1.21

(S375) A Superb example of the heavy nickel silver Pilots Badge being a pre-war example, by the scarcely encountered GWL company. The badge has all the features associated with this manufacture being the unusual hinge and hook configuration, as well as the counter sunk nippled rivets. This example has a nice pin fixing, which is in working condition. The riveting is nice and tight, holding the badge to the wreath. There is not as much blackened finish to the eagle as sometimes encountered, but the detailing is superb and highlighted quite nicely by the two toned appearance of the eagle. Given as a qualitfication badge, these badges are often classified as a war badge, but that is not true, as the flight clasps filled this space. SORRY I AM SOLD 17.9.18

(CS1336) A Nice and rare example of an Iron Cross 2nd Class converted to a Knight's Cross. The cross originally came from the Bowen collection who was the author of one of the first iron cross books, privately printed in the 1980's. The cross is actually illustrated on page 198 of the said guide and has a Forman lead seal attached to it. There is also a piece of original Knight's Cros ribbon. The overall quality is in very good privately converted condition. Nice to find one with a traceable history back to an author. SORRY I AM SOLD 30.4.19

(CS1158) A Superb example of a Cased and Outer Card German 1st Class Mayer made Bar. The bar Case has the full title of the award printed to the case as well as the B H Mayer manufacturer's mark. The box has been opened along the hinge in an unusual way but all the main flaps are intact. The award case is virtually mint and shows no handling wear at all. It has a nice silver emblem to the lid, very clear, full detail. Once opening the box, the hinge and press stud work perfectly. The inside is nice and clean with only slight wear to the silk hinge cover. You have the bar sitting in the case. The bar is an absolute mint example with all its frosted and burnished finish and is the type shown in every reputable textbooks on the market today. This is a classic example and in virtually mint condition. I cannot stress how good this looks. Probably one of the best examples on the market today. SORRY I AM SOLD

(CS1159) A Superb Mint Cased and Outer Card Cased Iron Cross 1st Class. The outer case has the full awards designation and the maker's name Mayer to the side. Inside, the case has a rectangular press stud and magnetic hinge to the reverse. There is no wear or tear to this cross's case. When opened, the white undside of the lid is mint, the hinge cover is still intact with no splits and the white velvet base is clean and clear. The cross itself is a standard 26 and is marked as such on the pin. The cross is frosted and burnished and probably has not been handled by anyone since it was taken at the end of the war. This one cannot be upgraded. If you are looking for one of these, this has to be considered. Part of a group of items brought back by a British Serviceman at the end of the war and stored in a card box. SORRY I AM SOLD

(CS1236) A Nice chromed NSBO Pole Top. The pole top shows a hand holding a hammer, with a swatika and the 1/4 cogwheel and the letters NSBO. The pole top is mounted onto a chromed base affixed with two screws. This is a very nice quality item, not often encountered nowadays. SORRY I AM SOLD 14.9.19


(CS811) A Nice German NSDAP 30 mm Party Badge having had a factory conversion pin fixing. The badge has had some enamel damage to it, on the white enamel around the edge, but nothing too serious. The reverse is numbered 6933 and is unresearched, though the actual badge itself is shown in the book "For Fuhrer and Fatherland, Political & Civil Award of the Third Reich" by LTC John R Angolia on page 393, where it is attributed to the Michael Xilas museum collection. Other than this, no research has been done on the badge. Very nice to find a documented, featured badge from one of the highly esteemed publications from the late 1980's.SORRY I AM SOLD 12.3.18

(CS659) A Rare example of a Cased Iron Cross 1st Class with a Card Case Outer. To start with, the cross is an unmarked example of standard three piece construction, which is nicely soldered up along the edge with no splitting or cracking. The iron core retains virtually all of its paint finish, and as such, the cross is virtually mint. This is housed in a flat topped box with a silver impressed iron cross outline to the lid. The box is the round cornered type and has no major wear and tear to it, other than the base, where it has a few scuff marks. This is contained in the card outer casing, which has the name of the award to the outside, as well as the date and the name of the manufacturer being the jeweller Robert Koch of Frankfurt Und Main. This manufacturer I have only ever had three of his outer card cases The first one I have, can be found in the book " The Iron Cross" by Gordon Williamson on page 121. Very nice cross to find.SORRY I AM SOLD 1.7.18

(CS861) A Rare 5 Don Cossack Regimental Cross in aluminium. Nice quality and complete with its steel pin. The cross retains a large amount of its original paint finish. The cross has four holes drilled or punched into its surface, where it may well have been sewn to a tunic even though the pin fixing still works. The cross was picked up by a member of the Tank Corps who served in Africa, Italy and ended up in Austria. Very Hard Award to find. This cross is only the third I have had and matches the other two crosses identically. SORRY I AM SOLD

(R276) A Nice example of a Bronze Close Combat Clasp that has been used and worn in service. The clasp is a maker marked example being of standard quality and construction of this maker. The reverse is marked to the lefthand side FEC W. E. PEEKHAUS BERLIN and to the righthand side AUSF. A.G.MuK GABLONZ. The clasp has a cast in hinge and counter sunk hook. It retains much of its original bronze finish. The only downside is that the back plate is missing. Priced for this. SORRY I AM SOLD

(S822) A Very Nice Example of a Silver Spanish Cross With Swords. The cross is of multi-piece construction with the eagles soldered between the arms of the cross and the separately soldered centre disc onto a convexed cross. The cross a nice solid pin fixing to the reverse, with a nice broad bladed pin and solid hook, all in working condition. The cross is stamped B & NL and as such, these are some of the award crosses and not the LDO marked replacements. Very nice condition and very rare to find. SORRY I AM SOLD 2.10.19

(S414) A Nice example of a Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge being the type with a secondary eagle affixed by a single rivet over the badge. This secondary eagle is a nice bright silver example and gives the badge good contrast. The badge to the reverse has the faint maker's stamp of G Osang Dresden just below the rivet. The pin, hinge and hook all work fine and the badge could do with a mild clean, as it retains much of the original blue cloud finish in contrast to the silvered wreath, which has now oxidised.SORRY I AM SOLD 1.3.18

(CS107) A Superb example of the seldom encountered 2nd Pattern SS Totenkopf Cap Badge. The badge is of die cast zinc with a silver finish applied. This has worn over the years, giving it a nice two toned appearance. The reverse of the badge has both its prongs affixed into the reverse of the metal of the badge. The badge is also maker marked RZM 499/41. Nice crisp striking. This is a textbook example of the 499 type. The badge was recently purchased in a local auction from the estate of an ex British Serviceman namely Mr Sandford, we can give this as we haved his WWII medals . SORRY I AM SOLD 28.02.18

(S386) A Very Rare examle of an Early nickel Silver SS Buckle. The buckle is the type attributed to O & C OF Ludenscheid, but the nice thing about this actual buckle is that it is fully maker marked for this firm. The buckle has this full trade mark stamped into the retaining end and reads as follows "OVERHOFF & CIE LUDENSCHEID GES GESCH". The retaining belt hook is braised to the buckle and then you have a steel post and prongs to hold the belt. The buckle has overall wear and tear, but matches known original O & C buckles. There is an illustrated example of one of these in the book "Belts, Buckles and Brocades of the Third Reich" by John R Angolia where an illustration is found on page 206, this style is shown at the top. It also shows the front of this style of buckle on page 205, whereas the one on 206 just shows the reverse with the trademark. Very rare to find, this being only the first one with the trademark I have had in over 30 years of dealing. SORRY I AM SOLD 8.11.17

(R29) A Rare to find General Assault Badge in its original Paper Packet of Issue. The paper packet is maker marked in black for a Sudenten Gau manufacturer, that until now has not been identified. It is probably reasonable to assume that this badge was manufactured by this company. The badge is a silver plated over base zinc example, that has bubbled with age. Nice to find in paper packet, One for the Mint collectors SORRY I AM SOLD

(S643) A 1957 Court Mounted Iron Cross and War Merit Cross Pair. The iron cross has a magnetic centre and is encompassed in a nice silver frame, manufactured in the original way, the cross has a nice silver finish and shows hand finishing around the edges of the cross. The war merit cross is a nice early bronze striking. The ribbon bar is of good quality with post WWII ribbons used to the mounting of the awards. SORRY I AM SOLD 1.1.19

(MC259) A rare example of a Fritz Todt Award in Silver. The award has toned to the front on the cogwheel giving it a two-toned appearance, as can be seen from the scan. The award also has the pin hook still wrapped around the pin and hasn't been opened for many many years. The pin is the silvered type and the badge appears to be of fine quality zinc with a silver plating applied. The badge is a very nice die striking. In very good condition. A very rare award to find. SORRY I AM SOLD 14.3.18

(MC71) An Absolutely Superb trial pattern Luftwaffe Observer's Badge made from what appears to be a coupal alloy that has the eagle soldered to the wreath. The badge is two toned heavily plated and is of superb quality with the eagle having superb detail. A stunning example. This was part of a group picked up by someone who was obviously in charge of de-nazification or had light fingers! SORRY I AM SOLD 24.2.18

(K1227) A Nice example of an Early Cased Olympic Games Medal. The award is of early quality silver plated steel with frosting and burnishing. The award is unmounted with it's ribbon which is in it's case of issue. The case is of white leatherette with the gold embossed olympic symbol to the lid. Inside, the award sits in a cut out of grey flocked material with a grey silk lid liner. Very nice condition and becoming harder to find.


(CS1095) An Army Flak Badge in very nice condition. The badge is an unmarked example that has some of it's original lacquer still intact to the front and most of it still intact to the reverse. The badge is a scarce example of a hard to find army award. The award is in near mint other than the toning of the lacquer.


(P559) A Nice cloth German Motorists Flag complete with its attachments for the pole. Consisting of a triangular flag, which is screen printed on both sides, with an eagle holding a swastika on an oval base with the letters DDAK to its chest. The pennant is of superb quality and construction and is nicely sewn up. The pennant is approximately 38 cm long by 25 cm high. It is still nice, bright and clean in condition and double sided. Nicely sewn up with no damaging to the stitching.


(GH24) A nice Early near mint example of a screwback bar to the Iron Cross 1st class. The bar is slightly tarnished but still shows the frosted date and swastika. This is a private purchase LDO version and the maker is W. Deumer. They are usually maker marked L/11 but not always, like this one putting it to pre 1941. Becoming increasingly hard to find, these early bars have virtually disappeared from the market place. The last one we had was in 2005 and that sold for 475.00, this one is priced at SORRY I AM SOLD (UK Pounds)

(MC814) A Very Nice Early Pilot's Badge being the heavy nickel silver pre-war tyep, made by the firm of B& N L. The badge consists of a silver blued eagle holding a burnished swastika on a silver wreath, held on by two nice tight rivets. The wreath is convexed and the badge has a nice pin, hinge and hook in serviceable condition. The badge has no overall damage, or bashes and is a nice good, clean example. To the reverse of the eagle, there is the B &NL trade mark stamped in. Nice condition. If you only want one Pilot's badge, this one should be considered. SORRY I AM SOLD 1.12.18

(N296) A Very Rare example of a Cased Bar and Cross to the Iron Cross for 1939. The cross and bar are a manufacturer's combined set maker marked L/18 to the base of the cross, with a typical L/18 bar, this is affixed to a WWI iron cross which is of magnetic construction. Very rare to find, only the third I have had in about 20 years. This is contained in its privately purchased case which has a blue base with a cut out for the pin and a white silk lid. The badge box has no markings to be seen anywhere and is opened by a press stud.. The Set was also used in the book "The Iron Cross of 1939 " By Gordon Williamson on page 177 Top. These combinations are rarer than the Knights Cross SORRY I AM SOLD 1/10/17

(S408) A Nice and Rare example of a Luftwaffe Paratrooper's Badge being manufactured in coupal and as such, the badge is a lightweight example. The badge has had its hook snapped at some time, but other than this, it is in very good condition. The badge is now classified as an S & L type A notched coupal eagle on a coupal wreath and this type is shown in the latest book "The German Luftwaffe and Herr Paratroopers Badge of WWII 1936-1945" by Thomas M Durante. This type is shown on page 374 and 375, where it matches the illustrated examples. Very rare variation badge to acquire. Priced for condition but also rareity. SORRY I AM SOLD 8/11/17

(K208) A Very Rare example of an SS Honour Ring Document. The document is dated 3/8/39 and is to an SS Untersturmfuhrer Erich Obenauf who was a member of the 28th SS standart SS number 90683. The document is in used and worn condition with a tear to the centre. It is also stuck to a piece of card. It is a bring back by a british RAF officer from the hamburg area of Germany, and he stated that the document was given by his mother of the Ring holder as a preasant. Very rare to find . SORRY SOLD BUT LEFT FOR COLLECTORS

(R312) An Adolf Hitler Signed Postcard being the classic style of photograph showing Hitler with his penetrating eyes, staring out. The card is 9 cm by 14 cm and has to the lefthand corner Reichs Kanzler Adolf Hitler. Then to the right of this is a blue ink pen signature of A Hitler. The signature is hard to see unless held to the light as it has faded over the years. Under examination from a glass, you can see the ink trail from start to finish with where the pen was removed, the concentration of ink. The card is nice and clean and was recently found in an album in Germany. This type of postcard was often signed at public events such as the olympics, or street parades and given to the chosen few in the audience, often children, which makes it more rare this has survived in such good condition. Very rare to find, especially personally signed by Hitler. An amazing pieee of history. SORRY I AM SOLD 12.2.2018

(GE4) A nice example of an issued and worn Gold Close Combat Clasp. The clasp is the type that was gilt lacquered and shows the frosting and burnishing in places. The clasp retains approximately 90% of it's gilt finish to the front but only about 5% to the reverse. It is also maker marked to the reverse in raised letters and reads as follows, to the lefthand side in 3 lines: FEC.W.E.PEEKHAUS BERLIN , To the right, in three lines; AUSF.A.G.M.u.K.GABLONZ. Nice quality and condition and very scarce to acquire an actual used and worn example of this very rare award.SORRY I AM SOLD
(S366) A Very Nice example of a Rarely encountered German Cross in Silver in a replacement case . The cross has been used and worn and shows minor wear and tear, as can be seen from the scan. The cross also has a slightly loose swastika as is often the case, with these lighter made examples. The cross is a standard No. 20, which is stamped into the underside of the pin and you have a countersunk hinge and hook and four doughnut rivets on a coupal star, with a nice blackened star overlaid with the red enamel border and silver wreath encompassing the black and silver swastika. The swastika has no enamel damage, though there is some tarnishing as stated. The cross come isn a replacement case, that are often paced of as real. The case has a silver line around the lid . Opened by a press stud, it has a white silk lid and black card base to take the cross. A superb and rarely encountered item . It is estimated that only 1200 were issued compated to 30,000 of the gold class. Layaway available. SORRY I AM SOLD

(S353) A Nice Matched Pair of the very Desirable Pink Piped Panzer Collar Tabs. The tabs have a black doe skin material backed with a hessian backing, with the pink braid sewn around this. Onto these tabs are fixed two panzer skulls with three prongs. The skulls are magnetic in construction and the tabs appear to have been removed from a tunic. The pair show mild wear, but nothing serious and although the skulls show light powder rusting, this is hardly detectable, but is to be expected from a used pair. These are a classic textbook pair, not often encountered nowadays. SORRY I AM SOLD 5.3.18

(CS1312) We were fortunate enough to acquire from a collector a Fish Knife that was removed at the end of the war from the Reich Chancellery. The Knife has an eagle and swastika engraved to the handle, with the letters J G for Josef Goebbels. It was stated that these items with his monogram were used when he held important meetings for the ministry of propaganda in the reich chancellery. This is the first time we have seen a piece of Goebbels monograph silver come up for sale. A historical piece that was published in a major British Newspaper being the Daily Mail publish 5 july 2018 . SORRY I AM SOLD 1.8.19

(S226) A Very Nice example of the Silver Napkin Rings from the Adolf Hitler tableware sets that were manufactured in silver by the company Bruckmann. This napkin holder also have the 935 silver mark, eagle, crown and crescent marks. To the front, you have an impressed downturned winged eagle holding a swastika, with the letters A and H to either side of the swastika. A very nice item and a great talking point. These silver pieces of tableware are highly collected and have been going up in price over the last few years. SORRY I AM SOLD 1/10/17

(S290) A very good condition SS 4 Year Service Medal In it's Case of Issue. The medal is in near mint condition and retains virtually all of it's original blackened finish. It also comes complete with it's full length blue ribbon. This again is in near mint condition. The case has been split and is missing the front top edges. The hinge is also split. Other than this, the case is in ok condition and is quite hard to find. The lid of the award has the SS runes embossed to them in white. Very unusual to find. The medal was amongst many items that were picked up by a British Soldier who was a camp guard and was stationed at an SS barracks. He acquired many items by swapping, trading and purloining at the end of the war or which this is one of them SORRY I AM SOLD 23/2/18

(S52) A Luftwaffe Air Gunner's/Radio Operator's Badge being the Earlier nickel silver type. The badge comes in its original Case of Issue that is of in my opinion, mid war construction and has the award's designation in gold lettering to the lid, on a blue two piece hard case opened by a push stud. To the inside, you have a split paper liner that protects the hinge, with the same padded paper to the underside of the lid. And then this paper is overlaid to the base that can be removed. It has a cut out for the pin and hook as well as embossed to the bottom, the numbering that looks like 616KB. The award itself is a nice BSW marked example and has a nice overall two toned oxidised silver and burnished silver look. The swastika is the partially cut out type and you have a question mark hook and nice barrel hinge. Of very nice quality. SORRY I AM SOLD 8/8/17
(T744) A Scarce to find German Army Feldgendarmerie Gorget. The gorget is in good condition but is minus its chain and has been put onto a card. The Card has "Souvenier of the campaign in Germany 1945" When checked behind the gorget there is no backing .. The gorget is for the Army and has an Army eagle above the title FELDGENDARMERIE. The Army eagle is non- magnetic as is the feldgendarmerie title. The buttons are magnetic along with the back tabs . The silver aluminium paint finish is approximately 95% intact and the luminous paint finish is pretty well intact and still works. Maker Marked "A" For Assmann, A veteran bring back SORRY I AM SOLD 10.3.21 (UK Pounds)

(CS103) A Cased Azad Hind Award being the 3rd Class Issue in its Brown Case of Issue with the gold tiger's embossed head to the lid. This is not the post war type bu the wartime. The case has the ususal handling wear and tear and is opened by a catch fitting to the front. Inside the case, to the underside of the lid, which is white silk, it has Rudolf Souval's name and company address. The purple velvet base has a cut out to take the star and ribbon. The pin on star itself is of standard multi-construction with a silver tiger's head on a gilt disc, on an 8 point radiated silver star that has Souval's trademark again to the reverse. This very rare award is hardly seen nowadays and seldom encountered cased. SORRY I AM SOLD 15/3/16

(R436) A classic text book example of an E-Boat Badge 2nd Pattern by the premier maker Schwerin. This is the type manufactured of zinc that is then plated. The badge is of mid war construction and retains virtually all of its plated finish. The badge's golden wreath has turned a pale yellow. The silver boat has also toned over the years. Very hard to find these badges now, especially in this beautiful condition. The badge was taken at the end of the war and stored away until now. Will grace any collection.SORRY I AM SOLD 20.6.17

(S823) A Very Nice Example of a Gold Spanish Cross With Swords. The cross has burnished highlights which have oxidised. The cross is of multi-piece construction with the eagles soldered between the arms of the cross and the separately soldered centre disc onto a convexed cross. The cross a nice solid pin fixing to the reverse, with a nice broad bladed pin and solid hook, all in working condition. The cross is stamped B & NL and as such, these are some of the award crosses and not the LDO marked replacements. Very nice condition and very rare to find. SORRY I AM SOLD 1.8.19

(S297) An NSKK Crash Helmet Eagle being more of a dodo look than an eagle, but nonetheless, an eagle. The badge is complete with all but of it's prongs to the reverse. There is also some age staining and oxidisation to it. There is an identical example to be found in the Assmann catalogue. This example still retains much of it's black painted finish to the swastika. A very rare eagle to acquire, most of these were discarded with the helmets. This is the 2nd we have ever had to offer. This one comes wrapped in Tissue, SORRY I AM SOLD 20.9.17

(CS1602) A very rare Copy of the German Order. This is the full size type with a swivel oakleaves and eagle affixed to the crossed swords and oakleaves. This then is fixed to the black cross. Around the edge in raised metal, is an oakleaf wreath and to the centre is a golden party badge. This type has been illustrated in some books as original, but I feel it is a Rudolf Souval copy of superb quality. With the originals costing well over 25,000 and the modern quality copies being just rubbish, I feel it is validated to sell such a nice quality copy. The cross is marked 935 and what appears to be a "U" to the back of the loop and comes complete with a small piece of original ribbon. Very rare to find such an unusual quality item. SORRY I AM SOLD 13.8.20 (UK Pounds)

(MC636) A Memel Medal being the most scarce of the three flower wars medals. This award comes in its well used two piece hard Case of Issue being identical to the 13th March case. The case has a gold blocked eagle impressed to the lid, although in this case, it has gone black. The inside of the case has a white silk liner to the underside and a red card two pieced divider to the base. The case in my opinion, has had this liner replaced or restored. The medal which was the last in the series, was given to the Germans who marched into the Memelland district and as it is such a small place, only about 40,00 of these awards were made. This example is the dark chocolate bronze type. Becoming increasingly hard to find, this one is mounted on its original ribbon with its pin. Originally sold by Ulric of England a few years ago it is still listed on his sold items . RARE to find SORRY I AM SOLD

(A287) Cased Eagle Order 1st class cross with swords. The cross is in vgc with no chipping of scratching to the enamel. The cross is marked "900" to the eye ring and No." 21". The swords are slightly loose and held on by a single rivet. This is contained in the red case issue with the full grade of the award in gold lettering under the lid. The case is the second type with a gold border and the award is the 2nd type with the fan fixing. SORRY I AM SOLD

(JRW7) A Very Rare to find Tank Destruction Strip in its maker marked Packet of Issue. The tank which is an unmagnetic example, has a piece of green army backing machine sewn to the reverse and through this can be felt the three pins and backing plate. The tank is of very nice quality and a good die strike of stamped metal. The paper packet which is used and worn, has the full maker's trade mark to the reverse as can be seen from the scan. Very nice example to find. . SORRY I AM SOLD

(N451) A Nice example of an SS Honour Ring to a average size German. This ring has been seen by the World`s Expert on SS rings and comes with Don Boyle`s Letter of originality.etc (To read more please use the "MORE PICTURES & INFO" link) SORRY I AM SOLD 21.2.21 GBP 8500.00 (UK Pounds)

(A268) SS 4 yr medal in box of issue. The medal is in near mint condition and has a nice tear drop suspension and shampfered eye ring configuration. The award is unmounted and comes complete with a piece of ribbon and case. The card case is the standard two piece type with the paper hinge split. The lid appears to have been trodden on at some time but is still in vgc. The case also has the usual SS silver runes to the top. SORRY I AM SOLD

(A288) Very Rare Cased Eagle Order set with the 1st pattern neck cross which is stamped "900" silver to the base arm of the cross. Also contained in the case is the 6 pointed breast star with the early ball rivets. This is also stamped "Silber" and "800". Both crosses have no enamel chips and are in vgc The full designation for the order is in gold embossed letters under the lid. Which has faded. The case that these awards comes in is the1st type without the gold edged border.SORRY I AM SOLD

(A2339) NSB Dutch Nazi Flag in vgc. Very rare to find, and has a separately applyed centre. Nice size of about 140 X 100 cms The flag has a few moth holes but apart from that its fineSORRY I AM SOLD

(B1941) A nice early silver Infantry Assault badge in paper packet of Issue, The paper packet is in gc to very good condition for its age and shows handling wear and tear. The badge is an early silver type that is un marked, The paper packet though is. SORRY I AM SOLD

(T903) A German Waffen SS Officers Collar Patch Pair that have been removed from a tunic. The patches consist of the bullion silver SS lightning runes, edged with silver cord, sewn to a nice black fine wool backing with a buckram backing. The rank patch has three pips to denote he is an SS untersturmfuhrer (or 2nd Lieutenant). This patch again has a nic fine wool backing mounted onto a buckram backing with silver bullion braid edge. The pips are affixed by two prongs and are the non-magnetic type. Becoming increasingly hard to find such sets. This is the first matched pair we have had in 20 odd years. Superb quality and construction. SORRY I AM SOLD 1.6.21

(MC322) A Luftwaffe Air To Ground Combat Support Clasp. The clasp is of nice quality and construction and is the gold variety with two metal crossed swords riveted to the centre. To the reverse, it is maker marked GH OSANG DRESDEN and has a nice fluted pin and hook soldered to the reverse. There is some slight metal oxidisation to the reverse, but nothing too serious. To the front, it retains virtually all of its finish and is one of the hardest luftwaffe combat clasps to acquire, especially being a gold grade version. These clasps were instituted on 12th April 1944, giving them only a short run for manufacture. SORRY I AM SOLD 1.6.18

(N299) A very rare Cased Iron Cross 2nd Class being privately purchased. The case is like a mini knights cross case with a cut out to take the iron cross and ribbon. This is off-white velvet similar in colour to that found on the 1st class boxes. This pulls out by a tab revealing a white base where the original citation was stored but this has long since gone. To the underside of the lid, you have the coat of arms and the trademark for a Dresden jeweller. The case is hinged and has a clam shell type opener to the front. The quality and construction is superb. The iron cross itself is a nice near mint example that is unmarked, but looks like it may well be a number 3. There is no splitting or cracking to the core which gently rattles when shaken. The quality of the whole set up is superb. Very seldom do these ones turn up nowadays. SORRY I AM SOLD

(S51) A Nice example of the Oversized Iron Cross 2nd Class. This is in overall very nice condition although there is a tarnish spot to the right hand arm of the cross at the 3 o clock position where something has been leaning against it. The cross is of standard three piece magnetic construction and has a nice soldering to the frame, with the core retaining virtually all of the paint. The frame has tarnished over the years. The cross originally came with a packet and full length piece of ribbon. The blue paper packet is split and torn and is maker marked Frank & Reif and had a sticker stuck to the back stating it was an oversized iron cross, by a collector at some time, but this has now been removed, leaving the obvious mark. Very nice to acquire, these were designated the knight's Cross in one of the publications at the start of the war, but this was superceded pretty quickly by what we now see. Priced for condition. G SORRY I AM SOLD 15/3/18

(S352) A Very Nice Pair of Panzer Man's Collar Tabs and Eppaulettes. The Epps are for an officer in the 6th Company and have the gilt numerals affixed to two eppaulettes. The epps are fhte sew in types and are for the lowest army officer rank. The panzer tabs are black wool, piped in yellow with two magnetic skulls affixed with three pins to the centre of the tabs. The tabs appear to have been removed from a tunic as do the epps and are a matched grouping. Being piped in yellow for a member of the army, which makes them formerly a cavalry regiment, transfarred over to the panzer corps. Very rare to find. SORRY I AM SOLD DEC 2017

(CS921) A Slovakian War Badge for the Schnelle Division for service on the Russian Front. It has a number to the back stamped into it of 2464. . The badge has had a repair to the reverse with lead solder, soldering two loops to it and it can clearly be seen where the central pin once was. The badge is used and worn but very very rare. Priced for condition and rarity. SORRY I AM SOLD DEC 2017

(CS922) A Close Combat Clasp in Bronze for the Army, being a used and worn example by the maker Ausf A.G.M.u.K. Gablonz and with the designer's name of Fec W. E. Peekhaus, Berlin to the lefthand side. The magnetic back plate shows what appears to be glue or melted plastic marks which appears to be where someone has stuck it to a board or something. These look like rust spots until you look at them under a glass. The clasp has a fluted magnetic pin with a nice countersunk hook and a cast in hinge. The backing plate is nice and tight and held in by four horizontal lugs. The clasp is in very good condition with most of it's original bronze intact. This has now turned a darkish bronze. SORRY I AM SOLD DEC 2017

(MC313) A Nice example of an Early Rare Golden Party Badge to party member Emmy Pulz. The number is 461 and the party badge is the small 25 mm Fuess type. The badge has no enamel damage and is in nice, clean condition with good gilt. The badge has the retaining clip to the reverse, with the maker's name embossed to the pin plate, with the numbers 461 engraved into it. With this comes some photocopied letters relating this female and her party number. It says she joined the NSDAP party on the 2/04/1925 and that she was born in 1886. She was a member of other German organisations. There is a copy of her Munich party card, showing her picture and this also shows the death rune and has a cross through it, denoting she died. I can find no date though when she did die, on the correspondence. Very rare to find identified party badges to such an early member of the party. She must have known some of the major figures in the party and this is a nice historical badge with supporting paperwork. Well worthy of further research. SORRY I AM SOLD 7.3.18

(N882) A Croat Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir 2nd class With Swords. The award is the larger sixe and has a German style pin to the reverse. The quality of the has me believe tt is in fact of German manufacture and not Croat. The swords denote military action and the award has no enamel damage and has a nice fire gilt finish to the gold high spots. The central crown also appears to be held on by a single rivet. Of superb quality. SORRY I AM SOLD 1.7.18

(S96) A Luftwaffe German Cross in Gold being the Cloth version. The cross has a nice gilt wreath being the only metal component to the centre, with a swastika in the centre of this and then flanked by red cotton, silver wire and a star effect. This cross has not been used or worn and apart from some minor oxidisation, the cross is in Near Mint condition. Used and worn by luftwaffe servicemen in the tight confines of aircraft, the cloth version was a very popular alternative to the bulky metal badge. This version has the fault to the 9 and appears to be a Deschler wreath. SORRY I AM SOLD 1.7.18

(MC537) A Nice example of the Early 1st Pattern SS Skull Badge. The badge was also used by army units and is the same style as the panzer collar tab in design. The badge is of tombak silver plated construction of pressed metal, It has both its original pins intact. Becoming increasingly hard to find these, with most of them being broken pronged nowadays. SORRY I AM SOLD on 4.4.18

(R275) A nice used and worn Gold Close Combat Clasp. The back plate is missing on this example. The clasp is a maker marked "FLL" and "Fec W E Peekhaus Berlin". The clasp retain a lot of its gilt finish. Rare to find SORRY I AM SOLD 2.12.21
(T860) A Superb WWI-WWII German Imperial and Third Reich Medal Bar of five Grouping. The group consists of the Iron Cross 2nd Class, then the Cross of Honour With Swords, which is maker marked I.C.M. which is magnetic. Then there is the Olympic Games Decoration 2nd Class, followed by a Police 18 Year Service Cross and a Hungarian War Medal With Swords. All the medals are in very nice condition. There is no chipping but obviously wear and tear to the olympic games cross. The police service cross has its original emblem to the ribbon. The ribbons are all nice and clean. To the reverse, there is a nice Berlin taylor's label sewn onto the bar for the firm of Grosse & Sohn. Probably one of the nicest bars we have had for sale in a while and with the olympic games cross, with only 3364 awarded, this bar must have been awarded to a policeman in charge of security at the olympic games, as most would have been awarded the olympic games medal. More rare than a Knight's Cross, this award is not often found these days. A great talking point, with few collections having such rarity. SORRY I AM SOLD 9.7.21 GBP

(JRG1) A rare pair of German SA collar patches, for the Elite SA Standarte "Feldherrnhalle", The patches are unused and in near mint and the rank patch still has its RZM paper tag to it A rare set to aquire these were picked up by a school boy in germany at the end of the war . SORRY I AM SOLD on 4.9.19

(MC624) A Rare example of a Cloth Iron Cross 1st Class. The cross is in very good condition and is the type shown in many reference books. Though unpopular with the troops, photographic evidence shows they existed. This example appears to have been removed from a tunic. Scarce to find. In superb condition for age and comes with another dealers reciept. SORRY I AM SOLD .

(K1504) A Very Rare to find example of a nice Early 2nd Pattern Bronze U-boat Clasp in it's original Box of Issue. The badge retains virtually all of it's original finish and still has it's original tissue wrapping. The badge's bronze finish is of a nice caramel bronze colour and it has a nice fluted pin fitted to the reverse that is magnetic. The hinge is the cast in type and the hook is countersunk. The card box is a brown card that is stapled at each corner. A superb Set to find. The award is in virtually mint condition and was part of a group of boxed items picked up during the war. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP

(N227) A Hollow-back U-boat Badge by W Deumer.. The badge has been put down as a Hymmen & Co as well. but this has not been confirmed. The badge has been used and worn in service and a similar example can be seen in the textbook "Torpedo Los" by Gordon Williamson on page 171. As stated, this is the unknown maker in this book. The badge has some age staining to it but nothing serious. It is only one of a handful of this type known to exist. Another textbook actually illustrates this badge, the book is called "German Combat Awards 1935-1945 by Alan Beadle, it is shown on page 132. The badge is in good but used and stained condition. SORRY I AM SOLD 20.5.20

(S742) A Nice example of a Wellner manufactured AH Coaster. The coaster has a brown felt insert, which is often found on these. The coaster has a cut out to let any spillage seep through to the base. This is marked Wellner and on the edge, there are the initials AH engraved. This type of coaster was found at Adolf Hitler's residency in the Berghof and as such, has been well recorded in many reference books. This is the first time we have had one to offer and we haven't seen any for sale for a good while. The coaster was taken originally, by an American serviceman at the end of WWII. An impressive design. SORRY I AM SOLD 25.6.20

(S838) A Very Rare Hungarian Volks Deutsches Sports Badge. The badge is of pressed metal construction and is slightly smaller than the standard DRL. The hook on this example has been snapped. The badge even though this has happened, is still one of the rarest items of Third Reich collectability and has the rare sunwheel swastika to the base. I have only ever had one of these badges in thirty years and that was a very long time ago and I have not seen one for sale for decades, exceptionally rare. Priced for condition SORRY I AM SOLD 6.7.20

(N858) A very rare example of the Belgium SS Sponsors Badge being diamond shaped with the letters BL to either side of the SS runes. This is in silver metal on a black enamel background. This has toned to a dark colour and looks mostly black. Very rare badge to find as most were destroyed at the end of the war. SORRY I SOLD ON 2.4.21
(T694) A Superb example of an Early Pair of Waffen SS Eagle and Skull Cap Badges. To begin, there is a coupal hollow pressed cap eagle with two pins intact soldered to the reverse. The eagle is RZM M1/72 marked and has all the features associated with this early type of cap eagle. There is nice plating with minor wear and tear to this, showing through the copper coating underneath. The pins appear to have been bent back again and are still fine. Then there is the cap skull which is marked partially 52 to the top and RZM to the bottom lefthand side. Both pins are intact. The skull again, appears to be a tombak type metal, silver plated over a brass or bronze quality metal. The skull and eagle as stated, are very early. The set was acquired from another dealer several years ago for a customer who wished to restore a cap. This never happened and the set was sold back to us. SORRY I AM SOLD

(T442) An absolutely near Mint example of a German U-Boat Badge maker marked by the prestigious firm of Schwerin, Berlin. The badge still retains nearly all of its frosted and burnished gold finish, with the only tarnish marks being those of the fingers that have touched it in the intervening years. The badge comes in a little card box of yellow and blue, that I feel is just a transportation box. If you want one of these, this has to be considered. SORRY I AM SOLD 27.1.2021

(V3) A Rare example of an Iron Cross Early Screw Back Bar. The bar has a single post fitment to the back with a disc and locking nut. The bar is an early example with a nice silver plate finish over a tombak base metal. Exceedingly hard to find nowadays. This example has only just come onto the market place, having been found in the effects of a British pilot. Very nice condition. SORRY I AM SOLD 23.6.21

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