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(S386) A Very Rare examle of an Early nickel Silver SS Buckle. The buckle is the type attributed to O 7 C OF Ludenscheid, but the nice thing about this actual buckle is that it is fully maker marked for this firm. The buckle has this full trade mark stamped into the retaining end and reads as follows "OVERHOFF & CIE LUDENSCHEID GES GESCH". The retaining belt hook is braised to the buckle and then you have a steel post and prongs to hold the belt. The buckle has overall wear and tear, but matches known original O & C buckles. There is an illustrated example of one of these in the book "Belts, Buckles and Brocades of the Third Reich" by John R Angolia where an illustration is found on page 206, this style is shown at the top. It also shows the front of this style of buckle on page 205, whereas the one on 206 just shows the reverse with the trademark. Very rare to find, this being only the first one with the trademark I have had in over 30 years of dealing. SORRY I AM SOLD 8.11.17 GBP 895.00 (UK Pounds)

(K1227) A Nice example of an Early Cased Olympic Games Medal. The award is of early quality silver plated steel with frosting and burnishing. The award is unmounted with it's ribbon which is in it's case of issue. The case is of white leatherette with the gold embossed olympic symbol to the lid. Inside, the award sits in a cut out of grey flocked material with a grey silk lid liner. Very nice condition and becoming harder to find.


(N296) A Very Rare example of a Cased Bar and Cross to the Iron Cross for 1939. The cross and bar are a manufacturer's combined set maker marked L/18 to the base of the cross, with a typical L/18 bar, this is affixed to a WWI iron cross which is of magnetic construction. Very rare to find, only the third I have had in about 20 years. This is contained in its privately purchased case which has a blue base with a cut out for the pin and a white silk lid. The badge box has no markings to be seen anywhere and is opened by a press stud.. The Set was also used in the book "The Iron Cross of 1939 " By Gordon Williamson on page 177 Top. These combinations are rarer than the Knights Cross SORRY I AM SOLD 1/10/17

(S408) A Nice and Rare example of a Luftwaffe Paratrooper's Badge being manufactured in coupal and as such, the badge is a lightweight example. The badge has had its hook snapped at some time, but other than this, it is in very good condition. The badge is now classified as an S & L type A notched coupal eagle on a coupal wreath and this type is shown in the latest book "The German Luftwaffe and Herr Paratroopers Badge of WWII 1936-1945" by Thomas M Durante. This type is shown on page 374 and 375, where it matches the illustrated examples. Very rare variation badge to acquire. Priced for condition but also rareity. SORRY I AM SOLD 8/11/17

(S226) A Very Nice example of the Silver Napkin Rings from the Adolf Hitler tableware sets that were manufactured in silver by the company Bruckmann. This napkin holder also have the 935 silver mark, eagle, crown and crescent marks. To the front, you have an impressed downturned winged eagle holding a swastika, with the letters A and H to either side of the swastika. A very nice item and a great talking point. These silver pieces of tableware are highly collected and have been going up in price over the last few years. SORRY I AM SOLD 1/10/17

(S52) A Luftwaffe Air Gunner's/Radio Operator's Badge being the Earlier nickel silver type. The badge comes in its original Case of Issue that is of in my opinion, mid war construction and has the award's designation in gold lettering to the lid, on a blue two piece hard case opened by a push stud. To the inside, you have a split paper liner that protects the hinge, with the same padded paper to the underside of the lid. And then this paper is overlaid to the base that can be removed. It has a cut out for the pin and hook as well as embossed to the bottom, the numbering that looks like 616KB. The award itself is a nice BSW marked example and has a nice overall two toned oxidised silver and burnished silver look. The swastika is the partially cut out type and you have a question mark hook and nice barrel hinge. Of very nice quality. SORRY I AM SOLD 8/8/17

(MC428) A Scarce to find Feldgendarmerie Gorget. The gorget is in good condition but is minus its chain and one of the back lugs has been pulled off. There is still the remains of the cloth backing. The gorget is for the luftwaffe and has a luftwaffe flying eagle above the title FELDGENDARMERIE. The luftwaffe eagle is magnetic as is the feldgendarmerie title. The buttons are non magnetic but the two metal tabs remaining, are. The silver aluminium paint finish is approximately 95% intact and the luminous paint finish, is pretty well intact and still works. A veteran bringback from a gentleman named Sergeant George Harris of the grenadier guards armoured division SORRY I AM SOLD 11/9/17 GBP 1250.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS103) A Cased Azad Hind Award being the 3rd Class Issue in its Brown Case of Issue with the gold tiger's embossed head to the lid. This is not the post war type bu the wartime. The case has the ususal handling wear and tear and is opened by a catch fitting to the front. Inside the case, to the underside of the lid, which is white silk, it has Rudolf Souval's name and company address. The purple velvet base has a cut out to take the star and ribbon. The pin on star itself is of standard multi-construction with a silver tiger's head on a gilt disc, on an 8 point radiated silver star that has Souval's trademark again to the reverse. This very rare award is hardly seen nowadays and seldom encountered cased. SORRY I AM SOLD 15/3/16

(M542) A Very Rare example of the Austrian U-boat Badge. This exact one is shown in the book "Torpedo Los" by Gordon Williamson on page 386. The badge is of nice quality and construction. The badge is very rare. SORRY I AM SOLD 21/6/17

(R436) A classic text book example of an E-Boat Badge 2nd Pattern by the premier maker Schwerin. This is the type manufactured of zinc that is then plated. The badge is of mid war construction and retains virtually all of its plated finish. The badge's golden wreath has turned a pale yellow. The silver boat has also toned over the years. Very hard to find these badges now, especially in this beautiful condition. The badge was taken at the end of the war and stored away until now. Will grace any collection.SORRY I AM SOLD 20.6.17

(MC636) A Memel Medal being the most scarce of the three flower wars medals. This award comes in its well used two piece hard Case of Issue being identical to the 13th March case. The case has a gold blocked eagle impressed to the lid, although in this case, it has gone black. The inside of the case has a white silk liner to the underside and a red card two pieced divider to the base. The case in my opinion, has had this liner replaced or restored. The medal which was the last in the series, was given to the Germans who marched into the Memelland district and as it is such a small place, only about 40,00 of these awards were made. This example is the dark chocolate bronze type. Becoming increasingly hard to find, this one is mounted on its original ribbon with its pin. Originally sold by Ulric of England a few years ago it is still listed on his sold items . RARE to find SORRY I AM SOLD

(R281) An SS/Army Skull Cap Badge being what is called the 1st pattern, similar to the one worn on the panzer tunics and worn by the early SS on their kepi's and peak caps. The badge is in very nice condition and has two nice brass pins soldered to the reverse of the nice tombak silver plated skull. One of the nicest seen in a long time. SORRY I AM SOLD 13/12/17

(A287) Cased Eagle Order 1st class cross with swords. The cross is in vgc with no chipping of scratching to the enamel. The cross is marked "900" to the eye ring and No." 21". The swords are slightly loose and held on by a single rivet. This is contained in the red case issue with the full grade of the award in gold lettering under the lid. The case is the second type with a gold border and the award is the 2nd type with the fan fixing. SORRY I AM SOLD

(A268) SS 4 yr medal in box of issue. The medal is in near mint condition and has a nice tear drop suspension and shampfered eye ring configuration. The award is unmounted and comes complete with a piece of ribbon and case. The card case is the standard two piece type with the paper hinge split. The lid appears to have been trodden on at some time but is still in vgc. The case also has the usual SS silver runes to the top. SORRY I AM SOLD

(A288) Very Rare Cased Eagle Order set with the 1st pattern neck cross which is stamped "900" silver to the base arm of the cross. Also contained in the case is the 6 pointed breast star with the early ball rivets. This is also stamped "Silber" and "800". Both crosses have no enamel chips and are in vgc The full designation for the order is in gold embossed letters under the lid. Which has faded. The case that these awards comes in is the1st type without the gold edged border.SORRY I AM SOLD

(A2339) NSB Dutch Nazi Flag in vgc. Very rare to find, and has a separately applyed centre. Nice size of about 140 X 100 cms The flag has a few moth holes but apart from that its fineSORRY I AM SOLD

(B1941) A nice early silver Infantry Assault badge in paper packet of Issue, The paper packet is in gc to very good condition for its age and shows handling wear and tear. The badge is an early silver type that is un marked, The paper packet though is. SORRY I AM SOLD

(C1187) A rare 5 Don Cossack Regimental badge in aluminium. Nice quality and complete with its steel pin. The cross retains a large amount of its paint finish. Hard to find SORRY I AM SOLD

(N299) A very rare Cased Iron Cross 2nd Class being privately purchased. The case is like a mini knights cross case with a cut out to take the iron cross and ribbon. This is off-white velvet similar in colour to that found on the 1st class boxes. This pulls out by a tab revealing a white base where the original citation was stored but this has long since gone. To the underside of the lid, you have the coat of arms and the trademark for a Dresden jeweller. The case is hinged and has a clam shell type opener to the front. The quality and construction is superb. The iron cross itself is a nice near mint example that is unmarked, but looks like it may well be a number 3. There is no splitting or cracking to the core which gently rattles when shaken. The quality of the whole set up is superb. Very seldom do these ones turn up nowadays.


(S352) A Very Nice Pair of Panzer Man's Collar Tabs and Eppaulettes. The Epps are for an officer in the 6th Company and have the gilt numerals affixed to two eppaulettes. The epps are fhte sew in types and are for the lowest army officer rank. The panzer tabs are black wool, piped in yellow with two magnetic skulls affixed with three pins to the centre of the tabs. The tabs appear to have been removed from a tunic as do the epps and are a matched grouping. Being piped in yellow for a member of the army, which makes them formerly a cavalry regiment, transfarred over to the panzer corps. Very rare to find. SORRY I AM SOLD DEC 2017 GBP 650.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS921) A Slovakian War Badge for the Schnelle Division for service on the Russian Front. It has a number to the back stamped into it of 2464. . The badge has had a repair to the reverse with lead solder, soldering two loops to it and it can clearly be seen where the central pin once was. The badge is used and worn but very very rare. Priced for condition and rarity. SORRY I AM SOLD DEC 2017 GBP 200.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS922) A Close Combat Clasp in Bronze for the Army, being a used and worn example by the maker Ausf A.G.M.u.K. Gablonz and with the designer's name of Fec W. E. Peekhaus, Berlin to the lefthand side. The magnetic back plate shows what appears to be glue or melted plastic marks which appears to be where someone has stuck it to a board or something. These look like rust spots until you look at them under a glass. The clasp has a fluted magnetic pin with a nice countersunk hook and a cast in hinge. The backing plate is nice and tight and held in by four horizontal lugs. The clasp is in very good condition with most of it's original bronze intact. This has now turned a darkish bronze. SORRY I AM SOLD DEC 2017 GBP 250.00 (UK Pounds)

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