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(S351) A Nice typewritten letter from the commanding general of the SS volunteer corps, confirming the Order of the Croatian Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir 1st class with Oakleaves has been awarded to Oberstleutnant Der Schutz Polizei Ernst Korn. It also states the cittation is unavailable and the award is herewith given. As a side note, he is listed in the SS service list for the 1st October 1944 as number 1645, giving his date of birth as 11.06.1899 with his rank as Obstlt.D.SCLP and that he was promoted to SS Stermbannfuhrer on 1st Mai 1939 and that he was on the B.STAB ABXV unit. His SS number is 327376. He was also noted as holder of the iron cross 2nd class and cross of honour. Nice to find to a confirmed SS officer. The document is also signed by a fellow Stermbannfuhrer. In very good condition, the document has been folded twice and has wear, but it is great for its age, considering it is around 70+ years old. GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(N805) A Very Rare to find and must have SS War Merit Cross Document awarded to an SS rottenfuhrer of the field military Hospital of the Lssah. The document was issued on the 5th May 1942 and it is rubber stamped to the lefthand side for the leibstandarte ss Adolf Hitler. The document is signed by the SS Obergruppenfuhrer und General Der Waffen SS Sepp Dietrich, the well known SS commander. The document is folded in four and has a piece of war merit medal ribbon glued to the corner also. With all it's faults, the document is a very rare award citation signed by the commanding officer of the ultimate SS unit. A must for any SS collector.

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