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Article on the German SS Service Awards

4 Year SS Service Medal ,

(SScom) A very rare to find veteran bring back SS 4 Year Service Medal complete with it's original Case of Issue. The case is in very good condition although the hinge has been split and the case is now a two piece example, similar to the 25 year Faithful Service Crosses. The case has the nice white runes impressed to the lid and apart from a little splitting and handling wear, it is in very nice condition. The award itself is in superb condition and retains virtually all of it's original blackened finish. The medal has a nice shampfered eyering and tear drop suspender. There is some age toning to the medal but this is very minor. Very scarce to find a cased set complete with it's original ribbon SORRY I AM SOLD BUT LEFT FOR REF GBP 1000.00 (UK Pounds)

8 Year SS Service Medal ,

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12 Year SS Service Cross ,

(MC316) An Exceedingly Rare SS 12 Year Service Cross in its Case of Issue (I think the case is a replacement, age unknown) . The cross is a nice one piece die stamped example, with all the usual features and flaws of the known originals. The cross has a nice oxidised and frosted silver finish, with the high points burnished to front and back. The teardrop eyering is standard to these as is the burnished shampfered eyering. The cross comes with its original wide ribbon that has the SS runes embroidered into it. It appears that at some point this has been mounted to a bar and removed. The case is a two piece hard case with a black leatherette covering with two silver SS runed embossed to the lid. Opened by a magnetic press stud, the case is also hinged with a steel hinge. To the inside of the case, it has a nice white silk lining with a burgundy compartmented base to hold the ribbon and cross. All in all, this is a very rare award to acquire. In exceedingly fine condition. Few of these were ever awarded. GBP 3999.00 (UK Pounds)

25 Year SS Service Cross ,

(M1114) A Superb and rarely encountered SS 25 Year Long Service Cross. The cross is of nice fire gilded and satin finished gold onto a nice tombak made cross. The cross has the usual features associated with an original and cannot be faulted in any way. The cross comes complete with its original ribbon with its wire runes sewn into it. Very rarely encountered nowadays. Only the third one we have ever had. This example matches the other two exactly.


For Germany: The Otto Skorzeny Memoirs (BOOK)
Otto Skorzeny only rose to the rank of Colonel in the SS, yet is one of the best known and colorful figures of the Third Reich, in large part because of the faith Hitler had in the tall Austrian engineer. Many books have been written about his career, to include autobiographies, but before he died in 1975 he personally entrusted Bender Publishing with the formidable task of producing the most detailed, up-dated and best illustrated version of his incredible life story. A quarter of a century later, after painstaking research into the text and a hunt for unpublished illustrations, the ultimate story of Scarface Skorzeny, the most dangerous man in Europe and Hitler's commando extraordinary is finally available. Complete with an exhaustive index, providing biographical details not found in the text, this is likely to be the last word on this larger than life personality, one of the great characters of World War II. Overseas clients please note: Due to excessively high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this title. To purchase your copy please click on the link (Picture) to the left

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