German Wound Badges in Silver for 1939-45 (WWII)

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(MC580) A Silver Wound Badge that originally came with a soldbuch (MC577). The badge is a late war zinc example that has oxidised grey, as is often the case. The hinge and hook are cast into the main construction of the badge and to the base of the badge below the pin hook, there is a tiny 4 stamped, for the maker Steinhuer & Luck. The badge could do with sympathetic cleaning as it has definitely been used and worn in service. GBP 60.00 (UK Pounds)

(P641) A used and worn World War Two German Silver Wound Badge. This is the zinc cast type and has no makers mark but is probably a No 4. Priced for condition GBP 45.00 (UK Pounds)

(R302) A Silver Wound Badge in used and worn condition. The badge is a zinc example that was silver plated. This plating has peeled as can be seen from the scan. The award is the type with the cast in hinge and hook and as far as I can see, there are no maker's marks to it. In good used condition, the badge is a combat worn example. GBP 47.50 (UK Pounds)



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First established by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1918, the badge for wounded soldiers was re-established by the Wehrmacht during the Spanish Civil War, and then later at the beginning of the Second World War. It was awarded in three grades depending on the number and/or type of injuries in wartime. This... To purchase your copy please click on the link (Picture) to the left

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