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CIVIL LONG SERVICE AWARDS (Faithful Service Crosses )

Faithful Service Cross 2nd Class for 25 Years

(MC621) A Nice and Scarce example of a Faithful Service Cross in its LDO Case of Purchase. The cross is in virtually mint condition and contained in a two piece paper hinged dark purple LDO marked case. The case to the inside has a light mushroom colour brown with a cut out to take the cross in the flocked base. The case is in very nice condition and is unmarked. GBP 175.00 (UK Pounds)

Faithful Service Cross 1st Class for 40 Years

(CS1279) A 40 Year Faithful Service Cross complete with a piece of ribbon that is sewn onto a board. The cross has no eye ring fitted and is just sewn to the partial board. It has a piece of blue ribbon folded over the top. It is just in good condition because of the missing eye loop and priced as such. GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)
Faithful Service Cross Special Class for 50 Years

(S506) A Classic textbook example of a Deschler and Sohn 40 Year Faithful Service Cross in Case of Issue. The red hard shelled case has a gold block 40 with oakleaves to the wreat embossed to the top of the lid. The case is then opened by a push stud and has a white silk lining to the underside that has the maker's name of Deschler and Sohn Munchen. The bottom part of the case has two parts divided by a central divider to take the ribbon and cross. The case is in very nice overall condition. The cross that is housed in the case has a nice satin gold frosted and burnished finish, with a black swastika to the centre. This is mounted on a nice blue water silk ribbon that is mounted up and has its original pin fixing to the top. In very nice overall condition. Becoming scarce to find .GBP 120.00 (UK Pounds)

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