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German Mothers Crosses (or medals) In Gold Silver And Bronze Class

Instituted on 16th Dezember 1938

(T17) A Gold Mother's Cross in its Case of Issue. The cross is made by the firm of Richard Sieper & Sohne Ludenscheid. The cross itself is in nice condition with most of its original finish intact. Someone at some time has scraped the bottom arm and has done an acid test to see if it is really gold or not, in my opinion.The enamelling is nice with no scratches of bashes and it is engraved the usual 16th Dezember 1938 with the facsimile of Hitler's signature. The cross also comes with its original ribbon that is still sealed up in its tissue wrapping. This has been protected by the case which is a standard dark plum colour with a gold embossed emblem of the mother's cross to the lid. The case is opened by a press stud, which is working beautifully and shows the usual handling wear and tear to the outside. Inside there is a white silk lid and off-white flocked base. This is compatmented into two to hold the cross and ribbon. Nice to find. GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(S1337) A German Silver Class Deutsches Mutter's Kreuz for the German Mother's who under Hitler's regime, hellped re-populate the German People. This example is in very nice condition and has no enamel damage. The cross is complet with its original ribbon and is in overall excellent condition for its age. Given to age bearing German Mothers who had children, both boys and girls to increase the German population. GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(V117) A German Silver Class Mother's Cross in Nice worn condition, with the ribbon sewn up for wear around the recipient's neck. The silver cross has oxidised gently, giving it a two-toned silver appearance. There is no enamel damage to the white or blue of the rayed arms, or to the white and black central disc. To the reverse, the silver has oxidised by finger marks, and could do with a little clean if you so with. The cross is the standard 2nd pattern issue, with on the reverse the following inscription "13. Dezember 1938 Adolf Hitler". All in all, a nice example and scarce to find nowadays. This is the hardest grade to find, as less were issued. In very good to near mint condition, apart from the age staining. GBP 80.00 (UK Pounds)
(S1144) A Bronze Mother's Cross in Very Nice Condition. The cross still retains some of its original lacquer which has turned brown in colour. The cross comes complete with its original ribbon that is not sewn up. GBP 45.00 (UK Pounds)
(T678) A Bronze German Mother's Cross that has been adapted by the original owner. The award, which is in very nice condition, has had a brooch pin fixing soldered to the reverse and ribbon removed, so that the badge could be worn on the lapel. This has been done by a quality jeweller who has fitted and soldered this onto the reverse and hand finished it. Unusual to find a nice variation. GBP 120.00 (UK Pounds)

(V119) A Bronze Class German Mother's Cross complete with its full length neck ribbon that has been sewn for wear. This cross is a genuine used and worn example and has been lacquered by its previous owner at some time. There is some enamel damage to the rightside on the bottom corner of the white, and to the central disc, to the top arm of the righthand swastika, there is a small chip in the white enamel. These are only detectable by a magnifying glass, and have been period repaired, hence the lacquer. The cross is the standard 2nd pattern issue, with on the reverse the following inscription "13. Dezember 1938 Adolf Hitler". A nice example in good example. Priced for condition. GBP 40.00 (UK Pounds)

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