Awarded in 3 classes for 8 years (Silver medal) ,
18 years (Silver Cross) and 25 years (Gold Cross)
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Police Service Crosses and Medal

(P467) A Police 18 Year Service Cross in its Case of Issue. The cross is heavy silver plated metal that still shows the die sheer marks around the edge with no attempt of finishing being made. There are no ring markings to this item. The silver plating is all intact although the frosting has been cleaned off. With the cross comes a piece of ribbon with a white embroidered eagle to it and it is housed in a two piece card box with the paper hinge to the back split. The flocking on the inside is nice and clean and the outside shows usual wear and tear. Becoming scarce to find. GBP 175.00 (UK Pounds)

(P441) A late war example of a Cased Police 25 Year Long Service Cross. The cross is of gilded zinc which has lifted in a few places, as can be seen from the scan. The cross comes with its original ribbon which has an embroidered police eagle to it in yellow. It is the nice wide style of ribbon. The case is a green two piece card example that is vacuum sealed. The inside of the case has a light brown flocking paper fitted and is compartmented for the ribbon and the cross. The case is in very good condition and has done a job protecting the cross, which is also in very good condition other than the gilt flaking.
GBP 225.00 (UK Pounds)


(MC474) A used and worn Police Administration Badge for the districts of Belgium and Northern France. The badge is an oval shape with enamel of black, white and red with an eagle affixed to it by two rivets. The reverse has a brooch pin fitting attached and the number 4232 stamped into the base. The enamel is in very good condition with no chips or cracking. In vgc. GBP 250.00 (UK Pounds)

(MB210) A Police Administration Badge being numbered to the reverse 277. The badge is the larger style and the more scarce encountered style for Norway. Held to the wreath by two little rivets, the badge is complete with its pin fixing to the reverse. There is no enamel damage to this example.

GBP 450.00 (UK Pounds)

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