Awarded in 3 classes for 8 years (Silver medal) ,
18 years (Silver Cross) and 25 years (Gold Cross)
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Police Service Crosses and Medal

(V724) A German Police Long Service Medal for 8 Years Service. The nickel silver award is of nice quality and construction and has its original blue ribbon and pin affixed to the top. In very nice condition, the award has no damage, dings or faults, as can be seen. GBP 110.00 (UK Pounds)

(T850) A Rare example of the German WWII Police "FELDJAGERKORPS" Gorget. This Rare gorget is in very good condition and has the luminous paint applied to the eagle, title and buttons. To the reverse, there is the brown paper backing applied and two sliders and one loop for holding the chain. All these are magnetic as is the shield. The eagle also appears to be magnetic and because of the paint, his detailing is a little infilled. The gorget doesn't have its original chain but a replacement lightweight alloy set has been supplied. Very rare to find, especially in this condition. GBP 2700.00 (UK Pounds)
"A Quick Guide to Identifying German Eagles, Part 5 Police Arm Eagles"

"A Quick Guide to Identifying German Eagles, Part 5 Police Arm Eagles, From 1933- 1945 using Period Photos," .

This is a quick Guide is using original Historical Photos from the Period To help people be able to tell apart a German Army Soldier, From a Waffen SS member, Or Navy or Air Force member. In several parts
Part One Deals with the Army
Part two will show the Waffen SS Arm Eagles.
Part three Deals with the Luftwaffe (Air Force)
Part four deals with the Kreigsmarine (Navy)
Part five deals with the Police Arm Eagles
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