Awarded in 3 classes for 8 years (Silver medal) ,
18 years (Silver Cross) and 25 years (Gold Cross)
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Police Service Crosses and Medal

(T391) A Police 25 Year Service Cross in its hard green Case of Issue. To start with, the green case is the wider variety with a gold blocked 25 and oakleaves to the lid. Opened by a magmetic press stud, it reveals a white underisde to the lid and a mouse grey coloured flocked that is compartemented in two. In this is the wide blue ribbon with a yellow embroidered eagle to the top and then a gilt service cross to the base. The gilt cross has still much of its frosted and burnished finish and it is in very nice condition. Quite scarce to find, escpecially in the wider case with the wider ribbon. GBP 295.00 (UK Pounds)
(T494) A Police 25 Year Service Cross complete with its blue ribbon with a Police 1942 Day Badge attached. The is affixed through the ribbon and there appears not to have been a gold emblem woven into the ribbon. The ribbon is sewn up and has a pin fitting for wear. The gold cross is in nice condition with frosted and burnished highlights. There are no maker's marks I can see. The cross is of nice quality. Unusual and attractive. GBP 135.00 (UK Pounds)


(MC474) A used and worn Police Administration Badge for the districts of Belgium and Northern France. The badge is an oval shape with enamel of black, white and red with an eagle affixed to it by two rivets. The reverse has a brooch pin fitting attached and the number 4232 stamped into the base. The enamel is in very good condition with no chips or cracking. In vgc. GBP 250.00 (UK Pounds)

(MB210) A Police Administration Badge being numbered to the reverse 277. The badge is the larger style and the more scarce encountered style for Norway. Held to the wreath by two little rivets, the badge is complete with its pin fixing to the reverse. There is no enamel damage to this example.

GBP 450.00 (UK Pounds)

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