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Instituted in 1939 & known makers CEJ, No 2, 4, & L/12, L/16,L/18 & B & N L,
(T476) An Early Quality unmarked Spanish Cross with Swords. The cross is a multi-construction type with separately applied eagles between the arms of the cross and central disc to the base cross. The bronze cross has toned a nice colour. There are no marks to be found on this example. The cross is nicely convexed. The eagle has cut out swastikas on two of the four arms. It has a nice working pin. Nice quality and becoming scarce to find. Given with swords, this example is for combat. GBP 825.00 (UK Pounds)

(K217) A Large Size Miniature Spanish Cross being of approximately 18 mm in diameter. The cross is in Silver With Swords. It has nice detail with fretted out work between the arms of the spanish cross for the eagles and swords. Exceptional quality on a nice rifle pin. GBP 150.00 (UK Pounds)

(S103) A Superb Early Spanish Cross in Silver being the type put down to the firm of Schinkle. The cross is of multi-piece construction with 6 component parts, not including the hinge, hook or pin. The individual eagles are soldered to the arms between the cross and the cross is the silver with swords type. The cross have superb detailing and the eagles' have semi cut out swastikas. The hinge is nice and complete and has a nice wide bladed pin and the unusual style of hook associated with the maker soldered to the base of the cross. Given to German combat forces, only approximately 8500,00 were issued. This appears to be one of the original issue types. Scarce to find, especially in such superior quality and condition. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 1250.00 (UK Pounds)

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